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This is a video presentation on CPA during the Turnover Ceremony conducted at the Commission on Audit. What have we done so far in CPA?


This video highlights the milestones of CPA on its first year of implementation. What have we done in CPA during its first year?                                  


This video contains the CPA presentation during the 2013 Open Government Partnership Summit in London where CPA won the Bright Spot Award.


 We asked several random people what they want to be audited. This video shows some of their answers. Ikaw, ano ang gusto mong i-audit?                                          


 This video shows some of the areas suggested to be audited under Citizen Participatory Audit. Ikaw, ano ang gusto mong i-audit?                                              


 This video contains the highlights of messages during the Citizen Participatory Audit’s launch conducted at Bangkulasi Pumping Station (part of the first project audited under CPA).